Welcome to this occasional blog, where I to hope to engage you in respectful dialogue on a range of issues: from media to spirituality, politics to epistemology, justice and inclusivity to new frontiers in science and technology. A scholar and journalist, I am drawn to understanding how the revolutionary impulses of our time, in whatever guise they emerge, impact the lives, thoughts, and relationships of individuals and groups.

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies working on a dissertation titled, Unsettling the Settler Colonial Imagination: Decoloniality as Theological Hermeneutic in South Africa? Arguing that the colonization of South Africa needs to be understood as a distinct form of settler colonialism, I investigate the application of radical decolonial thought in contemporary South African political theology and the possibilities this presents for the white community in both church and society to acknowledge and redress the wrongs of the past.

I live in the great metropolis of Akron, Ohio, with my wife, Nanette, five cats, and a dog,